Conversion Tracking

Interested in finding out how your customers use your website? Want to encourage them to stay on your site? Our conversion tracking system allows us to analyses your website traffic precisely.

We can tell you what changes should be made to encourage your cusotmers to stay on your site and turn it into a ‘conversion’.

Successful Businesses uses Google Analytics and Website Heat Mapping to track the activities on your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides information that shows you exactly how people found your site, how they used it and how you can improve and enhance their user experience by either creating new campaigns, optimising or stopping existing campaigns.

Knowing what improvements need to be made to your website effectively means increasing your return on investment.

Website Heat Mapping

Website Heat Mapping tells you what is hot, and what is not.

Successful Businesses can show you exactly what areas of the website your visitors find most interesting. The intensity of the colour depends on where the user visited most frequently; the redder the colour, the greater the activity on that area of the page.

Successful Businesses uses Heat Mapping to help our clients improve the flow of traffic to their sites, and also to correctly design the site so tthat the user finds it easy to navigate.

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