Online Marketing Services

Compared to traditional advertising, online marketing is a far more cost effective way of reaching your target audience.

Successful Businesses offers a number of services which will all attract more traffic to your website. Our main aim is to give you the best possible return on investment (ROI).

All of our online marketing services complement any existing SEO strategy you may have.

Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is used to generate publicity through social media platforms and online communities.

Why is this important?

Social Media platforms are quickly becoming the number one place to advertise, simply because platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube have already established communities and therefore this enables your business to interact directly with an established audience. SMO primarily focuses on driving traffic to website through online communities, with an added benefit of improved search engine rankings if the campaign is done correctly.

Successful Businesses Social Media Optimisation Packages:

At Successful Businesses we offer bespoke packages that are carefully tailored to your exact requirements. This allows us to create a powerful SMO package that best suits your business objectives, targeting the specific areas that are of primary interest and making sure we use your available budget to its maximum potential.

Our SMO packages generally include the following outstanding services:

Professionally written articles & article submission
Professionally written Press Releases & PR submission
Social Bookmarking
Discussion Forum postings
Blog Postings & Professional written blog posts
Video Postings
Specific sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Google Video, YouTube, WordPress, Reddit, DIGG & Twitter!


Have you ever thought of having a blog? Perhaps you have but you simply do not have the time. Successful Businesses offers professional made and written blogs in all of our SEO packages. Contact us today on: and we’ll be happy to help!

Why have a blog?

A blog offers you an informal chance to provide information, and interact with potential customers who can then earn more about your company, its products, achievements and innovations. We highly recommend having a blog because it offers you:

Fresh website content that is easily updated (search engines love new content)

An informal sales approach
Factual information controlled by you
Search engine friendly content
Organic inbound link opportunities
Interaction with socially-focused sites

Successful Businesses loves creating and using blogs simply because they are extremely search engine friendly.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

What is PPC?

PPC is a paid for service that guarantees advertisement space on a particular search engine based on your bid amount. At Successful Businesses we spend hours researching appropriate keywords for your company, reviewing your competitors’ activities before engaging in any PPC activity.

Successful Businesses’ clients who use PPC often see results very quickly, with some reporting dramatically changes in a matter of days!

PPC online advertising allows your company to target a specific audience. With real-time feedback from Successful Businesses you can immediately expand on winning strategies.

Check out our Pay Per Click page for further information.

Email Marketing

The majority of web users only glance at websites when they need to accomplish a particular task. In contrast, a newsletter or email delivered straight into a user’s inbox is more personal and adds the feeling of an ‘ongoing relationship’. Making sure all content in your email is effective and creative is vital if you want to achieve a regular newsletter following.
At Successful Businesses we design, manage and distribute professional email campaigns that work for you and the reader

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